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Who We Are

HoffsTech, LLC is an organization dedicated to helping people learn programming skills, get a job in the tech industry, and progress their career. We produce online courses for several platforms including Pluralsight, Amazon, and Udemy. We also provide content creation and content marketing services.
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Shelley Benhoff is the CEO & Co-Owner at HoffsTech, LLC and a 3x Sitecore Technology MVP. She previously worked at Sitecore as their Education Development Manager from 2011-2014 where she led a team to develop Sitecore’s corporate curriculum and she delivered train-the-trainer sessions globally. She also has created the Sitecore Learning Path on Pluralsight which is very popular in the Sitecore Community and led to her becoming a Sitecore MVP since 2020. She has been a professional technical content creator since 2015.
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Jason Benhoff is the Executive Producer & Co-Owner at HoffsTech, LLC. He has produced all of Shelley’s content including 19 Pluralsight courses & Animated YouTube Videos. Pluralsight is very stringent on “pixel-perfect” video production, and they provide two (2) internal reviews per course. If there are any errors, they require that the author fixes them. Jason’s attention to detail is outstanding and Pluralsight has not required any changes to any of our courses for the past four (4) years. Jason also produced videos for our YouTube Channel which has over 400,000 views.


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