building a sitecore helix website

Building a Sitecore Helix Website

Learn how to Build a Sitecore Helix Website with our unofficial training course, Building a Sitecore Helix Website, exclusively on Pluralsight.

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This course is available for Sitecore 9.x and Sitecore 10.x.

A background and understanding of Sitecore can provide you with a wide range of employment and career growth opportunities. Sitecore is an award winning Website Content Management (WCM) platform and automates aspects of website implementation. Sitecore CMS is widely used globally as a standard in website development. A Sitecore designed site allows marketers to control content without reliance on developers, allowing these sites to be maintained on-demand in the areas of personalization, social integration, blogging, e-commerce, etc. In use by more than 145,000 sites, the potential for a career in Sitecore development is limitless, and our course will help you gain a foundation of knowledge you can build on via our future courses.

The audience for this course includes ASP.NET/MVC/C# Developers with very little Sitecore development experience. Prior to viewing this course, students should view our first course Getting Started with Sitecore Helix. This course will also appeal to experienced Sitecore Developers who want to see the latest tools for developing Sitecore implementations. Prior to viewing this course, you should possess a basic understanding of web development including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET/MVC/C#, and IIS. You should also have a basic understanding of SQL Server as it is used for storing website data and you should be comfortable using Visual Studio.

Building a Sitecore Helix Website – Course Available on Pluralsight

Building a Sitecore Helix Website on Pluralsight

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