Managing Sitecore Docker Containers

Managing Sitecore Docker Containers, a Pluralsight Sitecore unofficial training course, is the fourth in our unofficial training series to help you enhance your Sitecore knowledge and grow in your web development career.

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Course outline includes the following topics:

  • Learning Sitecore Docker Container Management
  • Creating a Custom Sitecore Docker Container
  • Working with Sitecore Docker Images
  • Working with Sitecore Topologies in Docker Containers
  • Choosing the Right Tooling for Deploying Sitecore Docker Containers
  • Troubleshooting Sitecore Docker Containers
  • Studying Sitecore Docker Container Management

This course provides ASP.NET/MVC/C# Developers with the skills they need to develop and deploy Sitecore websites using Docker, Kubernetes, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Registry, and SearchStax.  Prior to viewing this course, students should possess a basic understanding of web development including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET/MVC/C#, IIS, SQL, PowerShell, and Azure DevOps. They should also have a basic understanding of Sitecore.

Managing Sitecore Docker Containers – Course Available on Pluralsight

Managing Sitecore Docker Containers on Pluralsight

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