Managing Technical Professionals

Managing Technical Professionals – Course Update on Pluralsight!

Today I am pleased to announce that my latest Pluralsight course has been published! Managing Technical Professionals provides managers with tried and true methods to help them empower their employees to reach their full potential. During this course, you’ll be presented with everyday scenarios and techniques to handle situations and remove obstacles. This was an existing course that was originally published in 2017 and I updated the entire course with new stories, animations, and content for remote and hybrid teams.

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Throughout this course, you will be presented with animated scenarios to walk you through management best practices to support the goals of your organization. Topics that we will cover include:

  • Being a Mentor
  • Managing Conflict
  • Facilitating Communication
  • Providing Feedback
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Reviews
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Managing Technical Professionals – Now Available on Pluralsight!

This course, Managing Technical Professionals, is for any manager who wants to learn how to get employees to perform at their highest potential. First, you’ll discover being a mentor and coaching your employees. Next, you’ll watch various scenarios where the management team uses best practices in handling conflict management, facilitating communication, and providing feedback. Finally, you’ll explore performance management and handling performance reviews in depth.

By the end of this course, you will have the skills that you need to motivate your employees to perform at their highest potential and provide a positive working environment to attract and retain top talent.

Diversity in the Workplace

I want to thank my husband and Producer, Jason Benhoff. He did an excellent job on the animated scenarios for this course and was very careful in choosing the color palette and overall design. We are currently working on updating all of my courses on professional development including the new look, new characters, and content covering remote work. Stay tuned!