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5 Tips for Remote Working

Now that most companies have either fully remote or hybrid teams, there are many people who are working from home full-time for the first time. Many people are still adjusting to either fully remote or hybrid work. Here are my top 5 tips for remote working!

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Work Life Balance

Working remotely can be great for work/life balance or it can be detrimental to work/life balance. When you’re at home, you’re at work and you need to separate the two in order to keep a balance in your life. The transition from office to to home office can be very challenging! If you have a more introverted personality, then working from home may be a great fit for you. But for extroverts, you may find it difficult not to have people around you and it can be isolating. But, if you follow these 5 simple tips, you will be on your way to setting up an awesome, productive workspace in no time!

1 – Create a Dedicated Work Area

Tip number 1: Create a dedicated work area. Whether it’s a desk, or balcony, create a space to associate with work, and disassociate from home.

  • You should add some “office elements” to your space such as a pen holder or calendar. If you have a small desk, you could put up shelves to create an office feel.
  • Sit near a window or get a plant and a good lamp! People are more productive in bright, green environments. If you’re near a window, you can open it to get some fresh air.

2 – Over-communicate

Tip number 2: Over-communicate! When you are working remotely and especially if you are managing a remote or hybrid team, then over-communicating will ensure that you are all on the same page.

  • You should list daily tasks each morning.
  • Sync often & update progress (especially if a task takes longer than expected).
  • Send end-of-day summaries. This can be in the form of updating tickets that are assigned to you with your current status.
  • Ask again! If you are not sure if you understood something, then ask!

It is not only OK to ask for clarification, it is encouraged.

To make communication easier, you should create at least 2 channels of communication. Most companies I have worked for had many more than that and it is important to differentiate the purpose of each communication channel.

You should also ensure that you have the technology and infrastructure in place to be able to support your channels of communication. Nothing is worse than watching people struggle in a zoom meeting.

5 tips for remote work
5 Tips for Remote Work – Video available now on the HoffsTech YouTube Channel!

3 – Prevent Distractions

Tip number 3: Prevent Distractions. You need to set guidelines for yourself and anyone who lives with you for when interruptions are allowed. If you’re being productive, interruptions will derail your productivity and may also cause mental load.

It helps to wear headphones or listen to music, podcasts, or audio books. I personally like to listen to classical music when I’m working. Another good way to prevent distractions is to avoid taking a break from technology using technology, especially social media. I’m super guilty of this one, I spend way too much time on Twitter.

4 – Schedule Meaningful Breaks

Tip number 4: Schedule Meaningful Breaks.

  • Planned breaks increase focus and reduce anxiety.
  • You should step away for lunch, even if you’re just going into the kitchen.
  • Get physical! Stand up, stretch, and breathe fresh air.

Doing these things will help both your mental and physical health.

5 – Dress for Success

And tip number 5: Dress for success! Get out of your pajamas and into some form of work clothes. A nice t-shirt and sneakers are fine! And I should also say that most of us dress for success up top but then wear comfortable pants such as yoga pants. I think that’s fine too!

This mentally prepares you to get into the “work zone”. By implementing these tips for remote working, right from the get-go, you’re creating a positive & productive work environment that benefits you and your colleagues!

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