what is radical empathy

What is Radical Empathy?

Leaders who are able to understand different points of view are known to inspire loyalty through empathy. This is an important step in attracting and retaining top talent. Loyal employees will promote your company and spread the word that you are a good employer. So, what is radical empathy?

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Radical Empathy Explained

Radical empathy is a concept that encourages people to actively consider another person’s point of view in order to connect more deeply with them. Today, this trait enables us to see and understand another person’s point of view. It promotes tolerance, thoughtfulness, and kindness which go a long way to form trust between you and your employees. Trust is so important! When there’s no trust on your team, it can become toxic very quickly. People will have private conversations, form cliques, and become disengaged from their work.

Utilizing Radical Empathy

Radical Empathy is actually something I learned in therapy and it has proved useful in the workplace as well.

1 – Consider Your Employees’ Point of View

Always consider your employee’s point of view. People have different experiences and think differently about things and when you put yourself in their shoes, you will be better able to understand them.

what is radical empathy
What is Radical Empathy? – Video available now on the HoffsTech YouTube Channel!

2 – Understanding Does Not Mean 100% Agreement

You don’t have to agree with someone to understand them. Understanding your employees by asking them questions is a key skill that every leader needs. Even if you do not agree with someone, you should always try to consider where they are coming from.

3 – Be Open to Learn From Anyone

As a manager, you need to understand that you can learn from anyone, even people you do not get along with personally. When you are open to learn from anyone, you will make people feel appreciated which will go a long way to forge your working relationships and resolve conflict.

Benefits of Radical Empathy

Leaders who understand radical empathy are better equipped to manage and resolve conflict. They understand that their employees are human beings and are prone to inconsistency and error. No one person is ever responsible for failure, the entire team is. When empathetic leaders experience pushback, they understand that ultimately, people want to be listened to and not ignored. Everyone deserves to have a voice.

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