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Confluence Tools For Project Management

Choosing the right project management tools can be a struggle for tech organizations. Having a proper ticketing system and documentation goes a long way to improve collaboration in your team. In this article, we will look at using Confluence tools for project management.

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Confluence and Jira for project management

Confluence and Jira are Atlassian products so they are made to work together. Confluence is a document management system and Jira is a ticketing system to help you keep track of day-to-day tasks. When you combine Confluence and Jira you can effectively manage your workload using best practices for project management. Let’s take a look at how you can apply these tools to your projects.

Link Confluence Pages in Jira Tickets

You can create pages in Confluence that are relevant to individual tasks. Then, you can use Jira to manage tasks and keep track of them using their robust agile tools such as a kanban board. You can simply paste a link to the Jira ticket in your Confluence page, the page will show up as a linked document in the Jira ticket. This is an excellent way for your team to be able to cross reference the status of individual tasks directly within your project management documentation.

Confluence and Jira for Project Management
Use Confluence and Jira together for robust Project Management Documentation

Manage Meeting Notes

I really like managing my meeting notes using Confluence. There is a meeting notes template to help get you started and it includes everything you need to keep your project management information all in one place. You can include an agenda, attendees, and even assign action items and document your decision tree. When I assign action items, I like to make a Jira ticket for the task and link it in the action items. That way, you can better keep track of the progress and status of the action item.

You can also use the out-of-the-box meeting notes templates as a starting off point for your own custom template. Confluence allows you to create your own templates so that you can customize everything for your organization and your types of projects. I use this feature a lot and it works really well for my team.

Confluence and Jira for Project Management Documentation
Use Confluence to manage meeting notes.

Share Project Management Documentation

Confluence includes a sharing feature so that you can share project management documentation both internally and externally. Key stakeholders can access your documentation on any device at any time. They can offer feedback, ask questions, and add comments both inline and at the page level. My team uses this to collaborate on course development and it is incredibly important if we are working with external subject matter experts. This is a very effective way to collaborate on project management documentation.

Confluence Tools For Project Management – Online Course

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